Things You Won’t Learn from Donald


Donald Trump speaks at CPAC in 2013. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Having a baby is a wonderful miracle that should be celebrated and enjoyed. That’s why an election year is a bad time to do it. All I can think about as I watch Donald Trump bully his way toward the presidency—appealing to voters who closed their minds long ago and gave in to selfish and hateful “solutions” to situations that upset them—is my precious daughter, who will be born into the United States of America in the saddest condition I have ever known.

She will be born in May, just before bigoted republicans nominate a bully and blind democrats nominate a criminal. I want to tell her a few things to counteract what she might perceive about the world if she spends her first few years exposed to President Trump:

  • Hating someone for having a different opinion is wrong. Choosing to stop being friends with someone because of a difference of opinion is sometimes necessary—but not usually. Degrading someone for hurting or challenging you is never respectable.
  • Talking louder does not make you right. If you are sure you are correct, state your opinion calmy and state it only once. Imparting wisdom to a fool is futile.
  • The position of President of the United States should be respected. People do not respect it anymore, but you will be taught to respect it. If Donald Trump is president, we will speak about him with dignity, even if we do not like him or his policies.
  • Being popular does not prove you are right. Never support anyone simply because they are popular. First, make sure you agree with what they are saying.
  • Success is not just “winning.” Winning wars or debates does not make one successful. In our house, success means living a fulfilling life, serving others, being surrounded with people who love you, and making the world better—not just your tiny corner of it.
  • A noble person has discernment. Sometimes it is necessary to fight, be tough, wage war, build walls. These acts should be accompanied by gravity and regret. Sometimes, it is necessary to have mercy, to give, to forgive, and to love in spite of discomfort.

And those, Evie, are the things you won’t learn from Trump. Maybe I’ll write the next installment soon: “Things You Won’t Learn from Hillary.” Then again, maybe you should be older…