Update: Week 25

An update on the progress of this thing (“thing” is how I say “pregnancy,” I guess?) is long overdue, but I’ve been putting it off; frankly, after the first trimester, crazy developmental facts about baby kind of drop off. The updates used to be things like “this week her brain doubles in size,” or “this week she starts growing hair!” or “this week she sprouted ears!” Now, her updates are more like, “This week she got bigger!” Thanks, I can’t tell based on my ever-protruding stomach and driving urge to eat more than I could ever dream of holding.

The stomach is really the biggest change. When I was younger, I used to think I had a poochy belly. I’d get in the shower and think “Jeez, Maddy, do a few sit-ups; you look a little pregnant!” Turns out, no. I did not. Now I do. Now I know.

Life in general is about forty times easier here recently, since I’m not taking classes and I can eat normal-person food. And I’m not worrying that this child will come out smelling vaguely of sour-cream-and-cheddar Ruffles chips. And I’m gaining weight. I even started eating salad, so you all can tell Evelyn about it when she’s 13 and convinced I have never cared about her as a person.

Since I’m not taking classes this spring, I’m taking on another day per week at work. I’m also switching positions—I started working as a receptionist, replacing my title of exam assistant. This is exciting because a) it’s the position I originally interviewed for and b) I am a little bit lazy and do not like lifting dogs onto exam tables. Okay, I’m also pregnant and shouldn’t be wrestling dogs for a whole lot longer. I’ve also been really, REALLY tired recently, so I figure if I’m answering phones, I’m less likely to accidentally vaccinate myself against leptospirosis. Anyway, it’s good news.

Garret’s final semester started a couple weeks ago, so now he stays up about eight hours later than I do. Ahh, homework. It’s kind of sad, but it works out because we finally have even energy levels in the mornings. I can’t figure out why, but I have always needed more sleep than him. So it’s all good!

Since I have more free time now, entertainment is proving to be a little tough. I thought living in city meant free entertainment would be easy to find. This is really only true in the summer. Bummer. So, most evenings we watch Scrubs, sitting in silence at the end of each episode, neither one wanting to be the person to say, “Okay, that’s probably enough Scrubs…” Luckily, Netflix gives us only about 13 seconds of this awkwardness before the next episode starts and we relax again.

Another misconception I had about Grand Rapids was that I would get out a lot and do stuff in the city—go out on the town and whatever. But I think I stay home now more than I ever have before in my life. Maybe it’s because it’s so obnoxious to drive here, or maybe it’s because when you have 400 restaurants within five miles of your apartment, picking just one is too much of a commitment. Anyway, I’m very familiar with our little apartment, now. And when we don’t live here anymore, I will kick myself daily for not going to more Griffins games.

That’s a pretty comprehensive update! There’s not much to relay except, yes, I’m still pregnant; yep, we’re frightened to death; and, yes, we’re excited as can be!


3 thoughts on “Update: Week 25

  1. Congrats Maddy on your nuptials and your pregnancy! I’m so happy for you! Seems like I turned away for a moment and you’re grown, married, and pregnant! I do wish you the best and am so happy for you! You get to ser what its like to love your own baby! And I imagine your new husband is an excellent man. May your family be bonded together by a love that cannot be broken no matter what! God bless you and yours!

  2. Love this. I had just said how I wish I would have documented things more with my own children. I forgot about this blog…what a gift you both will give to yourselves, your friwnds, your family, and your little one. Yes…crying again…man I am so ahppy for you all.

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