In-Between Places

I de-Christmased our apartment last week, which was a bit depressing, and an intense mood swing in a less-than-desirable direction compounded my low spirits. I had a few lame days. Oh, well. Road trips and sunshine fix a lot of problems, so we set out to visit our hometown this past weekend.

We aimed to see family but also bought some baby supplies and made progress figuring out living arrangements for post-baby life. God is being really cool, providing us with everything we need about 24 hours after we realize we need it. We’re getting really excited.

We’re also getting a little worried: May is going to be a huge month. It starts with Garret’s finals week, then the 7th is his commencement, the 18th is Evelyn’s due date, and the 31st is the last day of our apartment lease, which we can’t renew because it’s student housing. We might single-handedly keep the West Michigan coffee industry afloat for those few weeks.

This expectant feeling is a lot like what we felt in the years leading up to our marriage, so it’s somewhat frustrating to already be back in the waiting game. On the other hand, it’s extremely comforting that God has been so faithful in providing for us before and since our wedding. We know this new adventure will be no different, but we also really don’t like waiting for good things. Can you blame us, though? We’re having a baby girl and buying a ton of girly baby stuff.

In case you wondered, creating a baby registry makes one really need to hold a baby. I’m only halfway into this pregnancy, and I already get so worked up when I see moms with little girls in the store. My crazy baby-making hormones make me think things like, “I want a baby girl! Why don’t I have a baby girl yet? Life is so unfair and babies are so cute and wonderful and will solve my issues stemming from my lack of baby! I need ravioli and a nap and WHY am I still pregnant?”


Hopefully our planes Thursday fly in straighter lines than these.

We’re leaving this week for Florida to see Garret’s sister, so that has us geeked out of our minds. We have been spoiled by relatively warm weather in Michigan this winter, but now that the cold has settled in, I’m really excited to wear shorts. I hope they fit…

In general, I’ve been really lucky (so far) that I haven’t had to alter my wardrobe. Evie is either going to be small or a late bloomer, which is totally fine with me. I can still wear my normal jeans, and in most of my sweaters, you wouldn’t be able to tell I’m hiding anything. The main problem I have comes from wearing clothes that don’t hide the bump. I can’t assume people know it’s from a human growing in my abdomen yet, so I feel the need to explain to strangers that I’m not just fat. I can have 40 conversations in my head in defense of my poochy belly before I can grab the milk and get out of Meijer. I do not like this in-between place.

But most of life is an in-between place, and I’m learning that it’s not all bad. Evie woke up and started kicking as I sat down to write this, which I’m pretty sure is her way of telling me to slow down and enjoy this time a little more.


6 thoughts on “In-Between Places

  1. Wondering if I am ever going to not cry when I read your blog. So happy & excited for you both (and a whole lot of happy and excited for us Grandparents too)!

  2. Pregnancy is one of those things that you want to rush through because the end result is so amazingly exciting, and the last month is total misery!! But, relish the little things like the first flutters like butterflies in your belly and later the feet or elbows sticking out like a knot on a log and laying in the bathtub and watching your whole belly take on a life of its own, because when you’re old and you have a rumbly tummy you’ll remember those precious pregnancy days and smile!!!

  3. This is one of my favorite things of my day! Especially the “I want a baby … I want ravioli” conversation … ha-ha!

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