Introducing Evie


This print shows little Evelyn during our anatomy scan ultrasound appointment Monday, Dec. 28, 2015.

We found out Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015, that we were having a baby. We might have learned it a few days sooner, but we were in denial about the inconclusive pregnancy test. Pro tip: Lines are lines, no matter how faint and no matter how ready you are.

Most first-time parents are probably a little unsure about things, but we took that bewilderment to the next level. We had just gotten married the previous month, we had moved away from our families, and Maddy had enrolled in college weeks before.

A few days after finding out, we went home to tell our moms, since moms are great at knowing how to mom. Garret’s didn’t believe us in the least but came around eventually. Maddy’s claimed to have already known the reason for our visit.

We should note that pregnancy wasn’t a total shock, since it wasn’t strictly planned against. (We have moral objections to most birth control methods, and some health issues made alternative planning difficult.) But a baby also wasn’t planned for, unless you’re talking about the theoretical 2020 baby we had dreamed up to raise in the lake house we would buy with cash after we both had college degrees and successful careers and our lives in precise order.

As it turns out, our plan wasn’t perfect. Fancy that! The course God has set us on is a lot more interesting and exciting anyway, we’ve decided.


Garret’s fortune cookie confirms our suspicions.

It’s also definitely more demanding. After spending her entire first semester of college running out of a classroom to throw up as the Christian philosophy professor lectured on the sanctity of procreation, Maddy finally made it to the end with guts intact. The struggle with morning sickness has probably been the biggest hurdle so far, but we seem to be in the clear now, with a perfectly formed (if a bit small) child who kicks like Alex Morgan.


We picked up a souvenir in Grand Haven on an October evening spent at Lake Michigan.

Juggling commitments was another struggle over the first three months, since both of us had full-time course loads and were working our part-time jobs (including a new one for Maddy) on polar schedules. We found ourselves skipping classes to see each other and making trips to the lakeshore to stay grounded.

Things have settled down now (at least until Garret’s final semester starts), and we’re tentatively planning our next steps as a family of three. And we are excited.

We announced our news publicly on Christmas Day, then found out three days later that we’re having Evelyn Grace and not Landon Thomas! We think we’ll call her Evie (Eh-vee) for short. She’s due May 18, 2016. (Yeah, we were married first.)


5 thoughts on “Introducing Evie

  1. What a crash course y’all have had in Marriage 101!
    *job changes
    *new home
    *new school
    *more bereavement
    *change in life plan

    I’m so proud of how you pull together and take care of each other.

  2. Love how your optimism puts you in a fully paid for lake house in 5 years!!! You GO GUYS!!! Can’t WAIT to meet Evie Grace!!

  3. I love this, you two … be faithful in posting, and know we who love you are praying every day for your “little bird” who will be full of life!

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